Chat Bot is the Future of Customer Support Service

Chat bot is one of the latest technology used by business owners to handle their customer service. What’s fantastic about this trending tech is the fact that it can accommodate even hundreds of users at once as all the interactions are based from conditional logic, meaning whatever answer or button a user will click, they will be presented a specific answer that corresponds to the questions or button they have chosen.

For example, you landed on a major services page. A chat bot can ask you what service you are looking for? After selecting the service that you are interest with. The chat bot will ask again what your budget is, and it can give you different answers depending on the budget range you have selected.

Chat bots are designed and programmed intelligently to avoid road blocks. They have also validation in place, for instance the chat bot is asking for your email address and you are giving an invalid format which of course the bot can tell and will reiterate itself that you need to provide this detail so that you will get the information that you need in return. How awesome is that right?

Chat bots are also capable of being answered by a real human being once a certain condition or block was met by the user, let’s say the discussion is more on a technical or it could be because of the pricing range you have selected to be one of the priorities set by the website administrator that’s why he/she need to tend on your inquiry to close a deal or sell whatever product or services your company is offering.

Imagine what you can do with these amazing virtual chat support that don’t need man power to operate. You just need to create a carefully thought procedures that a user might ask and prepare all the possible answers. The possibilities are endless.