4 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Engaged employees is unusual, but employee engagement means something different with not engaged employees. Having an engaged employee will be a success and help your company to grow, unlike a not engage employee.

The three types of Employee


Employees work with passion and happy with their work. Engaged employee had a special connection to the company that’s why they strive hard and put much effort to their work to ensure that company will grow and prosper.


This is the contrary of the engaged employee. The not-engaged employee is just working, they just want to finish their time to work, they are just thinking about their lunch and break. They just want to work and finish their task.

Actively Disengaged

This employee is not happy what that they do, they are just busy to think about their unhappiness, they are not happy with the success or accomplishment of other coworkers.

Here the four ways to improve employee’s engagement

Listen to your employees

Listening to your employees’ insights is important and can really help grow a business. A good employer or boss would definitely listen to his employee’s suggestions and they take action to these suggestions not just listen and forget. This is one of the most effective ways to boost engagement in the work environment.

Not all the best ideas come with the top. A company wants to build the relationship with outside of the office and coworkers but also to understand strategic goals.

Communicate the Vision.

Communicate regularly with the employee, will help to employee engagement to understand the strategic goal. You can talk by email, or be having a meeting will be good for them to understand

the vision of what there are doing.

Train and develop

It should not staff the learning of the employee, because employees engagement is the employee is looking for a new thing to do. Train and developing employee will help them to be more confident what they do and they will be engaged.

Recognize good work.

Every good work should be recognized, giving some gift certificate, bonus or certificate in front of the employee of the other will be good because the other employee will do their best to recognize too and they will engage to their job.